Africa's ultimate electric cargo bike.

Leading a transition to affordable zero-emission logistics.


70% cheaper to operate

Compared to a petrol-powered motorbike.

Frexible ownership model

Lease-To-Own model – you pay for it as you ride.

easy access to spare parts

From local motorbike and bicycle repair shops.

Unlocking the potential of zero-emission logistics in the most affordable and reliable form.

A prosperous future for Africa relies on strong and sustainable local economies, powered (and empowered) by affordable technological and social innovations. Locally developed, easily accessible, and clean, the eGuta stands as a demonstration of and a means to that future.

eGuta Pickup

eGuta Pickup

Move high volume heavy cargo with agility and speed.

eGuta Boxed

eGuta Boxed

Move fragile goods in need of a controlled environment.


Technical details and features

FrameRobust steel frame, hand-welded
Motor3000W mid-drive electric hub motor with 180 Nm of torque.
BatteryRemovable 60V, 52Ah (3 kWh) Lithium battery pack.
Pedal AssistSmart 5 level pedal assist with 12 magnet cadence sensor
Max rangeUp to 120km on a single charge with pedal-assist mode.
DisplayProprietary LCD display with Bluetooth connectivity
ThrottlePush throttle with on/off activation button
Cargo capacityRated to carry up to 400kg of cargo
Top speedUp to 35km/h
Front suspensionsStable double bridge fork suspension
Rear suspensionsDouble spring adjustable damping shock absorbers
WiringWater resistant connectors and wiring harness

Best option for your wallet and the environment

It costs up to 80% less to run and operate the eGuta compared to the petrol-powered alternative, plus no need to worry about oil changes and other services typical of an internal combustion engine.

Rather than relying on expensive foreign imports, eGuta takes advantage of parts already widely available and affordable in the local market, from tires and suspensions to smaller parts like bearings.

Charging the eGuta is as fast as a 3 minute swap for a fully charged battery, which can also be used to power a full range of household and business needs.

A champion for addressing climate change, with zero direct CO2 emissions, and fully powered by clean energy.

Powered by a silent electric motor with none of the toxic fumes of an internal combustion engine.

Powered by the Sun

Of which African countries have plenty!
As well as facilitating energy independence and so protecting local retail prices against fluctuating oil prices, solar is also the most sustainable and coolest way we can power human civilizations as nature intended.

Just swap and off you GO!

eGuta PowerPack Swap

Easy to own and operate

eGuta implements a Pay-As-You-Ride ownership model, enabling the rider to finance ownership of their bike via the income they earn through it. Through our retail distribution platform, riders can join a local network of zero-emission logistics partners guaranteeing themselves a stable and steady income. 

Step 1.

Apply to own and operate the eGuta.

Step 2.

Get trained on retail logistics best practices and the Zelo digital platform.

Step 3.

Start riding and earning, all effortlessly
and eco-friendly.

Locally inspired. Locally developed.

In building our zero-emission retail logistics operation in Arusha, we identified a strong need for a versatile and locally adapted electric cargo bike. This led us to look for local inspiration and develop the ultimate electric cargo bike: the eGuta.

Guta Bicycle


Inspired by the locally popular Guta,  we set out to develop the next-generation cargo bike for Africa.

eGuta Brainstorming


Fuse local knowledge with our best understanding of modern clean technologies.


Countless hours of staring at a screen causing a design to go dizzy with a rotation tool.

eGuta Battery Pack Development

Tech development.

 A smart removable battery and a drivetrain system capable of up to 120km of range and 35km/h top speed.

Lets get in touch.

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